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Soloists can take breaks from your laps whenever you need them but it is crucial that you ONLY leave and re-join the course at the start/finish AFTER you have crossed the timing mats. Any time spent off the course will be added to your next lap when you re-start your running.


Team runners can only change over at the designated area at the start/finish zone. When one runner is out on course, the next runner needs to be ready at the changeover area when the first runner is due to complete his/her lap(s).


Runner A will hand the team wristband to Runner B before he/she starts the next lap. If a team member plans to run more than one lap they will be able to pass over the timing mats (to register the lap) and begin their next lap straight away.


If no runner is there to hand over to (they are still asleep in their tent, using the loo or filling their face) the runner on course can either choose to carry on another lap or to go and find them. If a runner drops out of your team tell the start/finish staff so they can be removed from the register. Remember your team can't get a result unless everyone has raced a lap.


All competitors must sign on with registration either Friday evening before 9.00pm or before 10.00am on Saturday. You will collect your race number, timing chip and relay wristband at this time. These will not be posted out in advance.



Runners must check that their details are correct and that they are entered into the correct category when they sign on.



Race numbers must be worn while racing. If you have a medical condition, have any allergies or are on medication at the time of the race please write details on the reverse of the race number.



This is your relay baton. It must be carried by the on-course runner at all times.



FR Systems are providing the event with timing. The timing system revolves around transponder chips that all runners must wear on their ankle (NOT on the wrist). As you pass over the mats at the start/finish the system will detect your racing chip and record that lap and time as yours. The clock then starts for the next lap. If another member of your team is doing the next lap, pass the snapband to them, they set off and their lap time will stop when they pass over the timing mats when they return.



Each registered runner must complete at least one lap during the 24 hours for the team’s score to count. There is no maximum number of laps. If taking a break please leave the course after crossing the timing mats. If you're in a team, make sure your teammates know the plan to rest. This time off course will be added to the next lap when you, or another team member, return to continue.



The Spitfire Scramble officially finishes at midday, Sunday. If a runner starts a lap before that time, that lap will count in their team’s total lap score once completed. Teams and soloists can declare at any point (if all team members have run one lap) and their total laps completed will still stand. The winning team will be the one that completes the most laps in the shortest time. Results will be as number of laps plus time taken to finish after midday.


Not really in the spirit, is it? Simply put, cheating will not be tolerated. Using unregistered runners, taking short cuts, hopping on a bike you've hidden in a bush halfway round and any other cheating will result in disqualification of the runner (if you are solo) or the complete team.

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