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Runners will run north out of the village, through a gate that takes you to Albyns Lake, where you will take the right hand tarmac path, keeping the lake on your left.


Following this path, you’ll make your way past two World War II pillboxes on your right hand side. After tackling a short, sharp hill, you turn right at the marshal point, run over a small iron bridge and commence the slog into Essex farmland via a loose terrain trail.


A marshaled left turn at the top of the trail sends you along a track that leads to a small stile, beyond which you will take the public footpath that bisects an area of farmland, passing through two fields before another stile.


After this you turn sharp left and head for the woods, where you will take the small slope down towards the Ingrebourne basin, cross another bridge and take the path straight head of you into another wooded section. This leads you past another pill box on your left and deposits you at a small play area on your left and a small field on your right.


Staying on the path you head towards the Visitor Centre, turning right outside the centre on the path and passing what was our old camping ground on your left.


This path turns to trail and you’ll turn left on this trail to commence a long section of grassy trail, following the signage until you come to another marshal point where a left turn will keep you on a wooded trail before a hard right turn deposits you back at the lake.


You will skirt the edge of the lake before crossing through the event village where your support crew can watch out for you and cheer you on! From there you cross into Forestry Commission land.

You will follow the packed gravel route before climbing Ingrebourne Hill to the highest point on the course.

After descending you'll shortly reach the camping field, which you’ll run the perimeter of before handing over to a teammate or pushing on for another lap!

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